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Valor has perfected radiant heat technology, allowing their fireplaces to generate constant, comfortable warmth and the perfect ambiance for any home. They offer a wide range of options to suit any lifestyle and budget, and our team of experienced professionals will ensure that you get the most out of your heating and cooling system.

No Power? No Problem!

Valor - Gas Fireplace

Gas Fireplaces

Valor has a fireplace style to match any room decor in your home making Valor an easy and convenient choice for homeowners.

Gas Inserts

Valor fireplace inserts offer countless design options, including different style fronts in  traditional and contemporary styles, unique firebox logs/rocks and liners, aswell as several surround options.

valor - Insert
free standing gas stove

Freestanding Gas Stoves

Freestanding gas stoves can be vented through existing chimneys,  the roof with new venting, or out of the wall via a direct vent installation.  Valor's gas stoves provide radiant heat all  while using 25% less energy compared to other forced air systems. Valor's free standing stoves offer built-in secondary heat exchangers that naturally enhance the convected heat, removing the need for a fan.

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