Valor Portrait Series



Engineered as a zero clearance fireplace, installation possibilities become vast and welcome your architectural and interior design inspirations. As well, all fuel beds include a reversible black liner/red brick set with an optional reflective glass liner kit.

Portrait Ledge

With minimal impact on actual floor space, the Ledge is ideal for kitchens, dens, lofts & other small spaces.

Portrait Windsor Arch

Victorian castings, highlighted chrome with flames that radiate steady, even heat for years to come.

Portrait Classic Arch

The Classic Arch features brushed chrome highlights that accentuate cast iron finishes.

Portrait Senator

Highlighting the fine art of quality cast iron design, the Senator fits comfortably in any setting.

Portrait President

A presidential update to existing fireplace surrounds and a compact framing plate.

Portrait Bolero 

Designed to fit contemporary spaces both old and new, the Bolero adapts to almost any interior space.

Portrait Clearview

The Clearview is ideal for insert applications in tight spaces and zero clearance new construction.

Portrait Ledgeview

A small footprint positions the Ledgeview as an exceptional insert, ideal for intimate home spaces.

Portrait President Freestanding

Crafted with detail and inspired by classic design, the President is perfect for upgrading traditional spaces.

Portrait Lift Freestanding

With concrete, casting and steel finishes, the Lift combines radiant heat with contemporary design.



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