Schwank InfaRed Gas Heater

Based on the proven technology of the premier STSp Series, the new STS-JZ delivers features that reduce installation time and enhance performance.

  • Factory installed igniter
  • Electrical cord with plug
  • Operating Status lights
  • 10 year warranty on the burner
  • 3 year warranty on all other parts
  • low clearance to combustibles
  • whisper quiet
  • Competitive Prices!

The unique webbed design of the hanger plate promotes free passage of entrapped convection heat along the length of the tube system:

  • Higher, more consistent tube surface temperature along length of system
  • Increased and more uniform infra-red radiant heat distribution
  • Hassle-free precise angle mounting for perimeter installation
  • Simple suspension tabs allow horizontal or 45° reflector configuration

Swaged Tube System

Swaged tubes 'lock' together:

  • Improves tube system rigidity and integrity
  • Simplifies installation
  • Clean aesthetic appearance

Advanced Reflector System

Aluminized Steel construction for durability:

  • Aluminum coating offers greater corrosion resistance than galvanized steel
  • No-Sag: Aluminized steel provides greater rigidity and durability than aluminum

Aluminized Steel construction for performance:

  • Excellent reflectivity characteristics
  • Elevated temperatures alloy coating with base steel to create a heat resistant refractory quality

End-capped deep reflector design:

  • Extends below tube surface
  • Entraps convection heat Increases tube temperature and infra-red radiant heat output
  • Focuses infra-red radiant heat to work level

New Modular 90° Elbow System

Unique 9O° universal design with reflector cap and webbed hanger plate:

  • Modular design provides 90° or 1 80° installations
  • Improved reflector system integrity and appearance
  • Webbed hanger plate enables convection heat passage for more uniform tube temperature
  • Center-point suspension of 180° elbow for increased strength and durability

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