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Single-Zone Systems

Fujitsu brand ductless air conditioners, with and without hear pumps, are used to solve various application-specific problems. Businesses and institutions such as schools, churches, nursing
homes and hospitals, commercial office buildings, strip malls, motels and restaurants, apartments and condos, computer and telephone switching rooms, and even residences commonly use these systems. With more efficient zone control, ductless mini-splits are perfect for renovations, restorations, conversions, and add-ons.


Auto Restart/Reset: In the event of a temporary power failure, these systems will automatically restart in the same operating mode as before once the power has been restored.

Auto Louver Function: This feature enhances the air distribution by enabling the user to automatically set a gentle, "air sweep" motion in various patterns from the remote control. A vertical louvered motion for systems 9C1, 12C1 and 9R1A, 12R1A and a "dual louvered" function for systems, 18C1, 24C1, 30C1 and 18R1A, 24R1A provide vastly improved air flow.

Power Diffuser: An additional feature triggered by the maximum auto louver function has been created with the "power diffuser." This additional louver opens based on our Al technology (Artificial Intelligence) monitoring sensors to quickly enhance immediate comfort needs.

Sleep Function: This feature automatically adjusts the temperature while you sleep to make you more comfortable. Smaller models also incorporate an extra "Quiet" fan speed to be sure you are not disturbed.

Dry Mode: This setting helps to control humidity levels when cooling may not be needed.

Moderate Low Ambient Operation: This additional feature allows the systems to operate indoors, even when outdoor ambient temperatures are 32°F, without any additional accessory.

Energy Saver Mode: The Fujitsu system "energy saver" mode allows the unit to keep your room cool enough for comfort by using a relaxed thermostat setting, automatically reducing power consumption (Systems 18C1/24C1/30C1 and 18R1A/24R1A).

Auto Change-Over: This feature provides a functional change from cooling to heating or vice-versa automatically depending on the desired temperature set and functional requirement. Auto Change-Over monitor operation range is ± 4°F relative to the set temperature (Systems 9R1A/12R1A/18R1A/24R1A).


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